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White House denies contact with extraterrestrial entities

White House tries to combat a number of conspiracy theories claiming that the U.S. government would have taken a long time, contact with alien entities, but this is hidden humanity of about 50 years. On this topic were written tons of books and Hollywood has spoiled audience with dozens of movies about occult contacts between the U.S. government and ET. The White House was forced recently to express the official position on this issue, denying that the United States had ever taken contact with another civilization. Washington's announcement was a response to numerous requests from the American public. U.S. administration official vowed to respond to any petition that gathered at least 5,000 signatures of support. These two petitions, which have enjoyed great public support, asked the U.S. government to disclose information regarding any contact with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. The White House responded that there is no evidence that "there is life outside our planet." Over 17,000 Americans have put their signatures on the two petitions, and the U.S. administration has responded in kind: not too much fuss, the law was amended so as to receive an official response, a petition must now be supported by at least 25,000 signatures. experts in spatial White House, Phil Larson, who was drafted a considered response conformist and "insignificant" by the U.S. government critics. He said the petition in the following terms: "The U.S. government has no evidence that life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial entity contacted or engaged (negotiations) with any member of the human species. Thus, there is no credible information to suggest that they would hide from the public eye, evidence of this. " Phil Larson Phil Larson, expert space problems Larson continued saying that scientific efforts are made to detect traces of extraterrestrial life, calling the space missions Kepler and the Mars Science Laboratory. Kepler, an automatic probe, looking like extrasolar planet Earth, while Mars Science Laboratory mission has a large geological, planning to take soil samples from the Red Planet to detect traces of the basics of life - although Its main mission is detecting Martian life. The most publicized and known scientific effort to detect extraterrestrial civilizations is the SETI program (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), funded sometime NASA who still listen to stars and explore outer space in search of any sign which can be identified as a signal coherent issued by any extraterrestrial civilization. Phil Larson said that "Many scientists and mathematicians have questioned whether life exists elsewhere than on Earth, reaching the conclusion that the odds are pretty high that somewhere among the billions and billions of stars in the universe to exist a planet other than ours to host intelligent life. But it should be noted that the chances of any possible contact with extraterrestrial civilizations are extremely small, given the distances involved. " Obviously, the White House official response did not convince too many people that behind the scenes, away from the eyes of the world would have been collusion with ET. According to Lord Rees, president of the Royal Astronomical Society and Astronomer Royal, the chances of finding life on other worlds calculatoare second hand is now greater than ever. Queen astronomer believes that such a discovery would have a huge impact on humanity, changing, forever vision of ourselves and our place in the cosmos. Now, after 50 years of research and listening to the cosmos, everything was achieved was nothing but noise. When they were intercepted for the first time, a pulsar signals removed (the famous incident at Jodrell Bank Observatory, from 1967), they were taken as the communication of extraterrestrial beings, when bringing in planetary vocabulary words LGM - Little Green Men - Small Green People. Unfortunately, it was just a strange cosmic objects that emit radio signals with amazing accuracy, and no extraterrestrial communications.